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Facebook Anthem

This video is first added to Youtube on 28th February 2008, and it's a "bit old" news now. I first saw the video on a friend's Facebook profile. Personally I too feel the same way about Facebook. It's becoming extremely boring every day, and the forced requests are getting more and more annoying.

Friday, March 28, 2008
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

2007 Marketing Trends

Sunday, March 23, 2008
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

Delighting the Customer is Not Just Enough

I recently watched this YouTube tube video, of a workshop session held in Singapore by Ron Kaufman. As typical for Ron Kaufman, the video is full of energy, entertainment, and action! But, beside everything else, he makes a valuable point about how to win and retain customers for life.

According to Ron Kaufman, a company’s offer to its customers has three main facets.

1) Product
2) Service & Delivery Systems
3) Mindset

All three facets are equally important for a company, to satisfy its customers. In today’s competitive business environment, without an outstanding product you can’t go to the market place. Even if you have the best product in offer, a simple failure in delivery system will result in a total loss of customer faith in company’s brand. More importantly, even if you have the best product and delivery systems in place, what happen if your workforce does not posses the right mind set to serve your customers? Mind set is all about people. It involves culture. In order to have the right mindset among your employees, you should first ensure your company is having a customer oriented culture within the company.

All three facets pass through five stages of customer experience levels. A customer’s experience with a product may be, Basic, Expected, Desired, Surprising, or Unbelievable. Same five levels of customer experience apply for the other two facets.

With a basic product, a company would not survive at least in the short run. Most average companies would at least offer their customers an “expected product” or a “desired product”. But, those outstanding companies will always offer their customers a “surprising experience” or may be sometimes an “unbelievable experience” with their product. Every time a company offers a “surprising” or “unbelievable” experience to it’s customers, with either of above three facets; the company earns a certain level of customer loyalty towards their brand.

But, with the product and delivery systems facets, a company faces the challenge of keeping up the pace with competition. A product feature deemed as “unbelievable” today, would be seen as “expected” or even “basic” in few month’s time. As a result, a company has to keep innovating their products, and delivery systems all the time, to keep up the pace with competition.

The difference with mindset is, you don’t have to deliver “surprising” or “unbelievable” experiences every day, to earn the customer loyalty. One instance of “unbelievable” experience of mindset, will earn you life long loyal customers. And, that experience can never be copied by the competition.

The entire video is uploaded as nine parts, into Youtube. Click here to watch all the videos.
Saturday, March 22, 2008
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

A Future without Arthur C Clarke

This morning I heard the sad story of Sir Arthur C Clarke's death. He was one of my childhood heroes. His books and articles were so inspiring, for me to learn more about modern technology. (Of course I ended up being a Marketer, but technology is my second preferred career)

Every time I watch a live cricket match on TV, I owe him a great deal for coming up with that incredible idea of modern satellite communication technology. He deserves a great lot of credit, for most of the things we enjoy today thanks to the wireless communication technology he conceptualized.

Let's pay our last tribute to the great scientist who envisioned the future, and lead us to change the way we communicate.
Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

Sharing PowerPoint Shows on the Internet

I was just curious, why people are not paying enough attention on Microsoft PowerPoint slideshows, when it comes to Social Media Marketing tactics. Many believe, social media marketing is only possible with blog posts, forum threads, RSS feeds, photos and videos. But, did you imagine how powerful a simple PowerPoint show could be when it comes to ignite a massive marketing exposure to your brand, idea?

Just imagine how many PowerPoint shows are in circulation all over the world as email attachments. What if one of those PowerPoint shows, associated with your brand, and/or a non-profit idea that you wanted to share with the entire world?

First thing is, you need to create a powerful PowerPoint show, which attract people’s attention. Once you done that, next step is to get it across to an initial audience. If, your initial audience is happy about your show, they will volunteer to do the marketing for you. (Typical Social Media Marketing).

Now, how do you get your PowerPoint show, across to your initial audience? Well, you may heard, read, shared a million of articles on “power of youtube” for Video sharing and “flickr” for photo sharing, but many has under estimated the power of similar services for sharing PowerPoint shows, on the internet.

Here are some of the popular and upcoming services on the internet, for sharing PowerPoint shows. is arguably the best of the kind, so far, and they have been in the seen for quite a some time now. Its interface is very much similar to Youtube, and the slide responds extremely fast compared to some other services listed below.

If you are smart enough, you can attract thousands of viewers to your PowerPoint show. Tagging and effective titles are the key to grab attention on viewers. When you submit a PowerPoint to, always make sure you tag it properly. Use as much as relevant tags. If your PowerPoint show is catchy enough, people may tend to download it and share it among friends as email attachments. The potential for viral marketing is unlimited thereafter!

Author Stream is still in beta
, but another good site to share your PowerPoint shows with others. Two major draw backs noted with this service are;

1) They don't allow hyper linking inside slides.

2) There is no “download as PPT/PPS” option.

Allowing people to download as PPT is a great advantage you get with That will boost the viral effect you could get by uploading your PowerPoint show to the internet. is another beta testing site, but it's bit different from the above two. SlideLive try to compare themselves more with Web based meeting services like Go to Meeting and WebEx. They give you the flexibility of selecting from 3 methods of uploading your PowerPoint shows; private, public and invited. In the invited mode, you can enter a password to view and download the show, and only those who invited by you, would be able to view and download the show.

And they are a Beta test, by the definition of word! You get error messages saying "our servers are experiencing some problems, and please try in few minutes" a lot of the time.

MyPlick is on of the new finds for me. It's pretty much similar to SlideShare and AuthorStream, but slightly better than AuthorStream.

Tech Smith's ScreenCast

ScreenCast not only allows you to share PowerPoint show, but any thing from a Video to flash file you can share on Screen cast. But, unlike other services they charge a fee, to use their service. So, if you are looking for a free tool to upload and share your PowerPoint shows, this won't be an option.

Saturday, March 8, 2008
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

Pegasus Reef Hotel Wattala

Just returned home this evening, after attending a residential workshop conducted by PIM over the weekend, at Pegasus Reef Hotel Wattala. It was altogether a great learning experience, and had lot to take out of all the sessions we were exposed to.

Here are some pictures I took at the Pegasus Reef Wattala.

Double Room (Room #109)

Sunset in the evening

Swimming Pool - Pegasus Reef Wattala

And if you are driving from Colombo, it's only about half an hours drive, unless you caught up in a traffic jam or a road closure (Which are very common incidents in Negambo road). This is a screen shot from Google Earth's view of the area.

I'm sure, the location map for Pegasus Reef Hotel on their official website is not clear enough. (Infact, it shows that the hotel is located somewhere in Gampaha District Sri Lanka!!). So, here is a proper location map of Pegasus Reef Hotel Wattala, if you are driving from Colombo.

Sunday, March 2, 2008
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

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