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How To Organize A Successful Tweetup

successful tweetup

So you want to organize a Tweetup and want to know how to do it right? Organizing a successful Tweetup isn’t easy. Especially because we have very little knowledge about how to deal with different types of individuals who never met in their life before, the task of organizing a successful Tweetup becomes much more difficult. If you are someone having prior experience in organizing successful events, that might be for your advantage when drawing the initial line-up for the Tweetup event. But it’s not a guarantee for success. Tweetups are different and the factors behind their success are different from those of any other type of event.

I had the opportunity of being a part of TweetupSL, a successful Tweetup event concluded recently in Colombo. This was the first time a Tweetup event was held in Colombo, and no one expected it to be such a great success what it turned out to be in the end. As a co-organizer of the Event, I have gathered many insights about how to organize a successful Tweetup event, which I would love to share with you here.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

TweetupSL a Major Success (With Over 100 Tweeple Participating)

It finally happened! TweetupSL, the first ever public Tweetup for Sri Lankan tweeps.

An event which started off as casual meetup for few Sri Lankan Tweeps, quickly turned into a huge event. And it was a major success too. We had around 76 people RSVP, but in the end there were 109 people took part, to be precise.

A big thank goes out the other organizers @Udaraum @Moshanthi @Nazly @rebelinpurple @Mack005 @Milindat and never to forget Shihara and Sarath from @cocoveranda It was simply awesome!

I will later share some of the learning points for organizing a successful Tweetup, but for now will stop right here and share these pictures from the event.


Thursday, August 26, 2010
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

Anatomy of an Online Brand Community. What Keeps a Brand Community Ticking?

otara gunawardena
FB Profile of Otara Gunawardene

Is it really important for a brand to have a feature rich community website with all the features of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr, packaged together, in order for you to build a devoted community of fans? Or, can we build a community around our brands even without having a corporate website for our company? What are the elements it requires to build an effective online brand community?

If you believe that, a website is a must have thing and rich features are the key to success in an online brand community; you are doing the mistake of forgetting the all important social aspects of a brand community. An online brand community is much more than a mere collection of rich website features. Beyond that, a community needs more sensitive social elements for holding the members together and to keep them engaged. If these essential social elements are in place, an online brand community can happen anywhere on the web, even without a dedicated community website.

Sunday, August 22, 2010
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

Just Let Me Talk to a Human Being!

poor customer service

Have you ever experienced the annoying situation, where you have to go through a series of computer enabled IVR options to reach an actual human being, when you call a customer support center of a business you are a customer? Trust me, there is nothing worst a company can do to piss off their customers than sending them through this painful IVR menus.

This morning, I called my mobile operator’s customer support number to get a simple advice on “how do I fix my mobile internet connection settings?”, as I was having trouble in connecting to the internet using my mobile.

Guess what? This is the pain that I had to go through just to reach a ‘human voice’ on the other end.

A recorded welcome message, which take about 20 seconds to greet me, and then a series of IVR options to choose from, each taking about 5 to 10 seconds to play back.

Saturday, August 7, 2010
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

How To Track @ Replies on Twitter

@ replies

I was wondering about a way how I can getn an alert when someone @ mention me on Twitter. Ideally, I was looking for a way to get it as a text message, my Twitter handle is @ replied. But when someone @ mention you on Twitter, there's no way for you to get alerted as Twitter doesn't support text alerts for @ mentions. Isn't it really important to be in alert for who is @ mentioning you on Twitter? I remember, when we planned the TweetupSL, we used to @ mention a particular radio station a several times, but they never bothered to reply us. Later I realize, the radio station updates Twitter through Facebook, and they have simply left their Twitter followers unanswered. If you are tweeting for a brand this is a shame to let happen, isn't it?. Your customers are talking to you with @ mentions, but you never even know. Sole purpose of your brand being on social media is lost!

Mashable today posted "5 Free Ways to Never Miss a Twitter @Reply", which I believe is immensely helpful for anyone wishes to use Twitter for marketing communication. Check out the Mashable list here, and I personally recommend Twitstra and which I tested for myself.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

TweetupSL. The First Ever Public Tweetup in Sri Lanka

TweetupSL the first ever tweetup for Sri Lankan tweeps, will take place at Coco Veranda (32, Ward Place, Colombo 07). A big thank goes out to @Udaraumd, @Moshanthi and @Mack005 for take initiative to organize TweetupSL. @Cocoveranda is the venue sponsor for this Tweet up.

As a keen observer of social media for branding and marketing in Sri Lanka, I'm eagerly looking forward for the event. More than that, I'm interested in meeting some of the wonderful people I met over past few months, thanks to Twitter.
Monday, August 2, 2010
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

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