Posted by : Amitha Amarasinghe Thursday, September 9, 2010

twitty tweet

Finally, we have a ‘permanent’ cat in our home and guess what; this cat is a social media cat! I tweeted few days ago, asking for help finding a white kitten for my son. Coincidentally during the same time @Roshm found a stray kitten down in Kataragama during a business trip there, and tweeted asking someone to help finding a home for the kitten. The most admired ‘cat specialist’ on Twitter, @Moshanthi was following both of us at that moment, and introduced two of us to come to a negotiation.

At first, there was a problem about the color of the kitten, as my son insisted on a white kitten (“Sudu Poosa – White Cat” is a character from one of his favorite storybooks). We decided not to adopt the grey kitten, thinking that the kid will not like the poor animal. We published an update on “Pets Are Family Too” Facebook page asking someone to volunteer adopting the ‘grey kitten from Kataragama’. Unfortunately, we could not find a home for the poor kitten through that channel as well.

However, later we felt the poor grey kitten is having a hard time finding a home, and decided to accommodate the homeless ‘grey kitten of Kataragama’. My little son agreed to take the kitten as his pet, despite the fact that kitten is not of the color he wanted. (He is a nice kid, and he loves all type of animals)

After a few days’ time and couple of more direct messages on Twitter with @Roshm, the kitten arrived at our home. Now the stray kitten found from Kataragam is the ‘official pet’ of our family, and the only ‘residential customer’ of our small Animal Clinic :-)

To mark the fact that we found the kitten thanks to social media and Twitter in particular, we named the kitten “Twitty – the kitty found via Twitter

Here are some photos of Twitty

The poor kitten when found in Kataragama (Pic by @Roshm)

Kitten on its way to Colombo (Pic by @Roshm)
Kitten; now named Twitty at my home (Pic by my 3 year old son)

Twitty goes to Animal Clinic for first anti-rabies dose

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