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Marketing Isn't Evenyone's Job [Function]


One of the most commonly misinterpreted management quotes of all time is "Marketing is everyone's job". It is everyone's job, but it is not everyone's 'job function". This essentially means that you have to perform your 'assigned job function' (whether it is finance, R&D, HR or administration) in manner that it creates value for your end customers and making sure the end customer is delighted. Because at the end of the day, it is the end customers' decision to purchase from your company or not; will decide whether you will get paid or not at the end of the month. "Marketing is everyone's job" does not mean that everyone needs to come up with tactical (or strategic) suggestions to 'help' the poor souls in the marketing department, as it is commonly misinterpreted.
Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

Social Media Marketing Workshop in Colombo on 13th November 2010

social media workshop

The biggest Social Media Marketing workshop happening this year in Colombo, will take place on Saturday, 13th November 2010 at OLAK Auditorium TB Jayah Mawatha, Colomobo 10. I’m thrilled to announce that, I will be hosting a session at this event, along with three other sessions conducted by what could be the best Social Media resource panel you can find in the South Asian region.

Facebook & Twitter. Your Customers are There. Are you?” is the theme for this workshop, which will be conducted in two main segments. The first segment (morning session) covers Social Media strategy, while the second segment in the afternoon will cover the social media execution topics.

Here is the agenda for the day. 

Session-1: Social Media – The Next Big Revolution in the World
• From Web 1.0 to Web 2.0: What does it mean for marketers.
• Top 10 reasons why you should use social media for your business
• 6 key elements is formulating a social media marketing strategy

Session – 2: Peopleizing Your Brand - How to Create Passionate Raving Fans for Your Brand
• The greatest marketing crisis of the 21st century.
• Finding the connectors, mavens and salesmen for your brand.
• New challenges for marketers in a socially connected world.
• Moving beyond positioning – Peopleizing your brand.

Session- 3: Activate Your Facebook Marketing Tactics
• Top 10 Facebook Marketing Methods which you should not miss
• Step by step guide for creating a successful business page on Facebook
• Proven tactics to attract and retain fans of your page

Session – 4: Twitter From Business Perspective
• Getting started with Twitter
• 5 ways to create attractive Twitter Profile
• Twitter and Personal Branding

I will be hosting the session 2, titled “Peopleizing Your Brand - How to Create Passionate Raving Fans for Your Brand”. This is part of the “Social Media Strategy” segment, which includes the presentation by Suranga Priyashantha.

The afternoon session is a social media boot camp. You will learn the most important social media execution tactics, both on Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook boot camp session will be conducted by Indika Jayapala of Ribelz eMarketing, and the Twitter boot camp will be conducted by a popular Indian social media trainer, Sorov Jain of EchovMe, Chennai.

All in all, we can guarantee you an event giving you the opportunity of learning the latest in Social Media marketing field. You won’t probably get a chance for participating in a similar workshop this year in Colombo again. Register yourself for the workshop here, before 31st October to get an early bird discounted fee of Rs.4,900/-. Rate applicable for payments after 31st October will be Rs 6000

I’m ready to offer a further discounted price of Rs.4,000/- for 10 regular readers of this blog. If you are interested in taking this opportunity, email me on amitha[at]Amisampath[dot]com. 

Register for the Workshop Here

Registration and Payment Instructions
  • Following form need to be filled separately by each participant.
  • After we receive your registration information, an invoice will be sent with full payment details.
  • Registration Fee – Rs 4900 per head (Valid only for payments made until 31st October 2010). Rate applicable for payments after 31st October will be Rs 6000
  • Cheques need to be written in favour of  “Asia Marketing Associate”
  • For inquiries please contact 0771 539 072

Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

How to Create a Vanity URL for Your Facebook Page

Creating a vanity URL for your Facebook page is easy. First of all, let me explain you what is a vanity URL.

A ‘vanity URL’ on Facebook is a custom user ID for your business page hosted on Facebook. For example, when you create a page for your business on Facebook, the URL of the page will originally look like this.

However, this URL is not so easy to memorize, and therefore it is so hard to share with others. Instead of this URL format, how about having a customized URL like this

Sunday, October 17, 2010
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

62% of Sri Lankan Twitter Users Say, Less Than 25% of Their Followers is Real World Friends

twitter Sri Lanka

This was reveled in a survey I did among a sample of 102 Sri Lankan Twitter users. According to the findings, 56 of 102 respondents said they know less than 25% (approx) of their followers personally in real life. Eight of the respondents said almost all their followers are not real life acquaintances. Another 18% of the total respondents said they do not know half of their followers in real life.

The results are significantly different compared to the response I received from Facebook users; where 80% of the respondents (total 335) said almost 100% of their Facebook friends are friends in their real life as well.

Complying to the responses for the above question; 78% of the respondents to Twitter survey said they are using Twitter to “make new friends” as opposed to “keep in touch with friends”. Contrary to this, Facebook 92% of users said they are using Facebook to “keep in touch with friends” as oppose to “make new friends”.
Sunday, October 3, 2010
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

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