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Sri Lanka Reaches 1 Million Users on Facebook

According to, last night Sri Lanka became the 76th country to reach 1 million users on Facebook. This happened, somewhere during last 48 hours, as the recorded figure stood around 997,600 when I last checked it on Tuesday.

Awesome, isn’t it? But what’s so significant about this?

Having 1 million Facebook users means, one out of every 20 Sri Lankans are now having a Facebook account. This is a penetration of 4.66% into Sri Lanka’s entire population. Keep in mind, the user base is heavily skewed towards the western province and Colombo city in particular where the internet penetration is at highest. A brand which is heavily targeting this demography should start looking at Facebook as a more serious tool to have in their communications toolkit.

A common myth among most Sri Lankan brand managers is, to believe that Facebook is a place where the teenagers hangout. Following graph will show you that, only about 13% of the total Facebook users from Sri Lanka are under the age of 18. A significant majority of 74% of the users are in the age group of 18 to 34. In comparison, a market like Indonesia is having a 27% of users on Facebook, under the age of 18.
Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

Google Plus Understands Your Social Relationships

Last few days I have been sandboxing with this latest ‘Facebook killer’ released by Google. It is a widely known fact that Google is having serious perceptional barriers to overcome at the launch of Google +, due to the blunders, they made in their previous attempts to tap into the social frontier (in other words ‘to kill Facebook’). Everybody knows what happened to Google Wave, and nobody cares what actually is happening with Google Buzz. So, what’s the big deal with Google +?

Besides my negative prejudices about Google’s ability to conquer the ‘social frontier’, I was pleasantly surprised when I spent few hours playing around with the new Google + interface.

Circles Makes Sense

One of the coolest features on Google + is their flagship feature “Circles”. One might argue, this is the same feature as “friends lists” on Facebook, but Google + Circles keep you in better control in managing different social circles you are a part of.

Where did Google + Circles come from? The whole idea behind Google + Circles, links back to the ideas of ‘social graph’ and ‘social clusters’. The social graph of a person, describe how he/she is related to the other human beings on earth, and how they acquired those relationships. Your social graph is a collection of ‘social clusters linked to each other by what it called a ‘weak tie’. A weak tie is a common member of two or more social clusters, who can bring them together at anytime. These weak ties act as a message carriers in between two or more social clusters, that they are a member. 

The world is connected with weak ties between distant social clusters

Sunday, July 3, 2011
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

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