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How Useful Social Media is For a Newly Launched Brand?

Today, I’m going to take one more unanswered questions from the workshop.

QUESTION: Than scanning an existing brand on social networks; what if there is a very new brand coming into the market & how useful will social media be?

I believe this question was asked by someone who found the “social listening” session a little bit irrelevant. Yes, if your brand is a new player in the market, quite obviously you can skip the “social scanning” steps for your brand name. However, you might still find it important to perform a social media scanning for your industry or for your competitors. By monitoring what consumers say about your competitor brands, you can gain some useful business insights.

If your ‘new brand’ is totally a new product (in a blue ocean; rather than in a red ocean), I suggest Social Media is the best platform to launch your product (depending on your target audience of course. If it’s a total new solution for harvesting paddy, forget about using Facebook to market it to farmers in rural villages).
Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe
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How to Use the Facebook Contact Importer Tool for an Existing Fan Page

Just two days passed after another Social Media Marketing workshop in Colombo, and I’m back to blogging to keep a promise I made to the participants of Saturday’s workshop.

Yes, I made a promise to you that I will finish answering all unanswered questions from the audience, by posting my answers as blog posts here. There can be hundreds of others with the same questions as you, so I believe this will be for the benefit of so many other people like you.

I’ve got 11 unanswered questions and in this post, I’m going to tackle one such question.

QUESTION: If my FB page is already set-up, how do I upload my contacts to the page? As per the ‘import contacts’ option, [which appears] while the page is being set up?

Well, I believe the question is about “How to use the Facebook Contact Importer Tool for a Page That Already Been Created?”.

Here is a step by step guide, to find the “Contact Importer” feature on a Facebook page.
Monday, September 26, 2011
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

What is This Facebook Subscribe Button?

Facebook recently ‘relaxed’ another level of user privacy on their social network by introducing the whole new ‘Subscribe’ Button on personal profiles.

Facebook Subscribe button allows you to get updates from people who are not in your friends list. You are by default get subscribed to your friends, while having the option of subscribing to non-friends status updates.

The intended usage of this new Facebook Subscribe Button is to allow people to stay in touch with public status updates from the personal profiles of celebrities, journalists and other public figures. I subscribed to Pete Cashmore’s (Mashable) updates this evening, allowing me to read all the publicly shared updates from Pete, on his personal Facebook profile. Earlier, Facebook introduced ‘Profile Migration’ for celebrities and public figures, allowing them to convert their personal Facebook profiles (with thousands of friends) into public figure pages on Facebook. This ended up being a nightmare for most public figures and celebrities who tried the migration option. I believe, this new Facebook Subscribe Button on personal profiles is another feature Facebook introduced to solve the same problem. For example, a celebrity or a public figure now can maintain their own personal Facebook profile (not a fan page) to be in touch with their real-life friends and to be in touch with their fans. All they have to do is activating the subscribe option on their personal Facebook profile for the benefit of the fans. When they update their status, they can choose whether to share it only among their friends, or to share it as a public update.
Sunday, September 18, 2011
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe
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7 Most Common Wrong Things Companies Do With Facebook Promotions

My last posting about ‘using Facebook for marketing’ received some valuable feedback, both as comments and direct feedback via email. Many companies, who have been doing this type of promotions, admitted that they were not aware of most of these Facebook promotional guidelines. In most of the cases, freelancers carried out such promotions as outsourced projects.

It is perfectly ok to outsource your Facebook marketing efforts, but someone from your brand team must keep an eye on the way your brand been portrayed on Facebook. For example, violating Facebook promotional guidelines may not cause you legal damages, or your page may not (at least immediately) be banned by Facebook for doing so. However, the negative brand image created by such promotions should of concern for the brand manager. Moreover, the vulnerability of someone else abusing your brand name to conduct fake promotions and spam Facebook users is very high, if you don’t adhere to certain level of quality in your Facebook marketing campaigns.
Thursday, September 15, 2011
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

Social Media Marketing - Full Day Workshop on 24th September 2011

Those of you who keep asking me about when will I conduct a Social Media Marketing workshop; here's a good news.

Epitom Consulting is organizing a full day workshop on Social Media Marketing, and I will be the resource person for the event.  Epitom is a reputed company organizing training workshops in Colombo, and I joined hands with them for adding a range of Social Media and eMarketing related topics for their public workshop calendar.

The workshop planned for 24th September, is an entry level 'boot camp' for Social Media newbies. Our effort is to get more Sri Lankan marketers involved in Social Media, and conduct more engaging evening sessions on more focused topics in the Social Media domain.

Visit Epitom website for more details about the workshop or call them on 0114 37 4280 / 81 for registration inquiries.

Sunday, September 4, 2011
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

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