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Facebook Promotion Guidelines. Should We Take it Serious?

In a way, Facebook’s promotions guidelines are like a “No Trespassing” board in an abandoned old house. The board is there but nobody really cares who cross the fence, whether it during the day or night.

Facebook has published these promotions guidelines obviously for a purpose, and as a legit profit-oriented business entity, Facebook has all their rights to make sure that their platform is not being abused by people who are trying to promote their own businesses on Facebook. Attracting millions of users for free and letting brands to communicate with them seems to be the business model for Facebook, so it makes perfect sense for them to restrict what brands can and can’t do on the free Facebook platform. If you want your brand is visible on Facebook, pay the price and buy it. That appears to be the clear standing of Facebook for at least last few months.

People ask, are there any real cases where Facebook actually banned brand pages for violating these guidelines. According to this report Cadbury India’s Bournville brand and FCUK pages got banned by Facebook for violating these guidelines.
Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe

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