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Why Every Company Should Hire an In-house Digital Marketing Expert

 We all know the story of ‘Seven blind men and an Elephant’ as an excellent fable of how personally attached perspectives can deceit us from the bigger picture; the reality. Your brand’s digital strategy can end up being another similar story, unless if you act soon to appoint a qualified enough person to manage this bigger realities surrounding your brand.

When digital marketing is new to a company, they tend to be in a state of uncertainty about where to put their digital ad money they set aside in the annual marketing communications budgets. They know digital is important, they know social is growing, and they’ve heard that search marketing can be really effective. Yet still, most companies will not have a faintest of a clue on where to begin their journey on digital and social media marketing.

This uncertainty opens up a loophole in your entire approach to digital marketing, leaving other organizations (who always in the look for how to grow their business) and self-proclaimed experts to sneak in and exploit your ‘fear of being left out in the digital party’.
Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Posted by Amitha Amarasinghe
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