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I've had this idea for a long time, to organized myself in a one central location on the world wide web, with my own personal website.

We are said to be in the information age, and in this era, a man without a personal web page is virtually like a "homeless" person in the past century.

So, here I am, building my own home in the cyberspace!

First, I must confess that I'm an amateur to blogging and writing. But I am not an amateur to blogs and social media. As a crucial area in my day-to-day job role, I have studied the concept of blogs and blogging in depth, and was constantly in touch with the latest industry trends in the field.

The main reason kept me delaying starting this site sooner than this was mainly, the lack of time to dedicate on it. It is not that I have more time to spare now days, but there should be some point of start to anything. Moreover, with the facility of blogging directly via mobile phones and email, finding time won’t be a much difficult task as it used to be few years ago. In time to come, most posts on this site will turn out to be posted directly via my mobile phone.

Time management wise, things are worse than ever for me. Very soon, I will start on a MBA at PIM, so it’s going to consume a large portion of my time in next 2 years to come.
And, the fact that I started the MBA is another motivating factor behind this site. This blog will serve as a great platform for me to network with other people who are in the same field of studies as me, and a good media for me to publish my own work within the MBA program.

So far on this site, it all looks like talking to myself alone. Therefore I put the title of the blog as “Talking to myself”, till I come up with a proper title :-)

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