Delighting the Customer is Not Just Enough

I recently watched this YouTube tube video, of a workshop session held in Singapore by Ron Kaufman. As typical for Ron Kaufman, the video is full of energy, entertainment, and action! But, beside everything else, he makes a valuable point about how to win and retain customers for life.

According to Ron Kaufman, a company’s offer to its customers has three main facets.

1) Product
2) Service & Delivery Systems
3) Mindset

All three facets are equally important for a company, to satisfy its customers. In today’s competitive business environment, without an outstanding product you can’t go to the market place. Even if you have the best product in offer, a simple failure in delivery system will result in a total loss of customer faith in company’s brand. More importantly, even if you have the best product and delivery systems in place, what happen if your workforce does not posses the right mind set to serve your customers? Mind set is all about people. It involves culture. In order to have the right mindset among your employees, you should first ensure your company is having a customer oriented culture within the company.

All three facets pass through five stages of customer experience levels. A customer’s experience with a product may be, Basic, Expected, Desired, Surprising, or Unbelievable. Same five levels of customer experience apply for the other two facets.

With a basic product, a company would not survive at least in the short run. Most average companies would at least offer their customers an “expected product” or a “desired product”. But, those outstanding companies will always offer their customers a “surprising experience” or may be sometimes an “unbelievable experience” with their product. Every time a company offers a “surprising” or “unbelievable” experience to it’s customers, with either of above three facets; the company earns a certain level of customer loyalty towards their brand.

But, with the product and delivery systems facets, a company faces the challenge of keeping up the pace with competition. A product feature deemed as “unbelievable” today, would be seen as “expected” or even “basic” in few month’s time. As a result, a company has to keep innovating their products, and delivery systems all the time, to keep up the pace with competition.

The difference with mindset is, you don’t have to deliver “surprising” or “unbelievable” experiences every day, to earn the customer loyalty. One instance of “unbelievable” experience of mindset, will earn you life long loyal customers. And, that experience can never be copied by the competition.

The entire video is uploaded as nine parts, into Youtube. Click here to watch all the videos.

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