Word of Mouth Marketing at Work for Tigo!

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I was in the middle preparing the slides for a presentation on "Power of Word of Mouth Marketing", ( which I am suppose to deliver to our marketing team next week) when I first got this "home made advertisement" for Tigo, in my inbox.

First, it brought a smile to my face. Second, I realized how relevant it is to the topic of my presentation. (So, without a hesitation, I used this in one of the slides).WOMM guru Andy Sernovitz talked about few characteristics of a good WOM in one of the MarketingProfs.com webinars. According to him, a good WOM message should be; Simple, Repeatable, and Easily understandable. It needs not to be your marketing message. It needs not to be talking about your products. But, it should associate with your brand at some point. WOM message would be the carrier of your brand.

In addition, a good WOM message should be easy for sharing. And, there's not other tool to share a message easier than the "email". It's only a matter of hitting the "forward" button on your mail client, and copy all your best friends. And they will do the same. In few hours, the message is all around Sri Lanka, without any cost for the sender!

I believe this "home made ad" is not an intentional WOMM effort by the marketing guys at Tigo. Even if that is the case, we could still cite this one as a good example for WOMM at work! (In Sri Lanka). Just imagine how many times this email would circulate across Sri Lanka, with the Tigo logo embedded into it. (Dialog might feel jealous!)

I think now it's high time for our Sri Lankan marketers, to think of these tactics as potential components of the marketing mix. Advertising clutter is becoming a huge concern even for Sri Lankan advertisers. When people actively switch off from paid advertisements, marketers could easily think about deploying this type of tactics, to spread their marketing messages.

Of course you won't be able to have the top citizen of the country to feature on your WOMM tactics all the time. But, there could be numerous other ways of exploiting the power of WOM, if you think creatively enough.

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  1. I am still working on the good Word of Mouth Marketing part. I have had a little success with viral marketing, but to get the message offline is even a bigger reward.

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