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It has been a while since I last posted something “worthwhile reading” on this blog. Few people who accidentally Googled or stumbled upon this site left me with some feedback saying “dude you should be writing a bit too often”. I am humbly pleased to see that some of the posts I’ve made in the past on the topics such as, Procrastination, IPL, Googling yourself, and mental paradigms have reached some ranking on Google search engine, and as a result I’m getting some positive feedback asking to “blog a bit more often”. Problem is; I find it real tough to dedicate myself an hour or two per week to punch in the 1000 + 1 ideas that are burning inside my head, into a comprehensive blog post. I’m not a natural writer, so it takes me at least two minutes to put up a proper sentence, and you might see what a pain I must go through to write a single post of about 100 lines.

However, I finally decided to break the silence and get involved in this blogging business, a bit more often and serious. The MBA is coming to an end in another few months time, and I must line up some new things to engage with for burning out the excess capacity! Specially when you finish with an MBA which requires you above average effort and commitment; the vacuum is going to be wider. What am I actually going to do with this extra time? I thought it will be a good idea to give life to this blog once again, with the hope of keeping myself engaged in knowledge centered activities, even after the MBA. Remember; person who stops learning after the day of his graduation is uneducated the day after.

Now my first challenge is to find an appropriate title for my new blog. Ami’s Space was a random title came to my mind, and I’m not very much happy about it as a brand. Sounds too bland! I wanted something which reflects my desires, and my universe. What do I stand for? Surprise! I really don’t know!! May be now is the time for me to answer this question, and find out my personal “stand”.

I wanted a title for this blog with something related to Social Media. Not that I’m going to challenge Dawn Foster or Chris Brogan with this blog. But, Social Media and Web 2.0 is something that really fascinated me within last 2 or 3 years. But again; I don’t want to make this a “Social Media Guru Blog”. Rather, I wanted to have a title which represents me as a Social Media Enthusiast. But the title should not limit the scope of this blog, only to Social Media. I want to randomly rant about the IPL and Cricket, or sometimes have few thoughts assembled about a movie I loved or a TV show I never miss. But in all topics, I want to touch the “business side of it”. Like in my post about IPL and Cricket in Olympics.

The first idea came to my mind as a title for this blog was “Life 2.0”. The word “Life” covers a wide scope, and 2.0 will denote my love for Web 2.0. More than anything else, I thought “Life 2.0” would represent me very well; because the year 2009 is definitely going to be a transformational year for me. The last two years of my life was totally dedicated for the MBA, and “Life 2.0” would be a great title to resemble my “life after graduation!”. At the same time, 2009 marked the 30th milestone in my life journey, and it was amazingly a wonderful feeling to look back down the memory lanes. If anyone of you followed my Facebook updates during last January, you would have sensed that feeling!

However, branding is an annoying business. Specially if you find that the brand idea you come up with, (after thinking and thinking and thinking for hours); is already taken by someone else!

I’ve not still finalized a title for my re-launch. If in any case that I couldn’t find a better title for this blog; I will move alone with the “Life 2.0” title. I hope that Todd Dowling will not raise any copyright violation cases against me :-)

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