Will Hollywood Be Bollywoodized by Year 2020?

First, I want you to watch the below Youtube video till the end. Then read rest of my blog post which examines a hidden message to the world in this video. First watch the video. Don't forget to read what I have written in rest of the post, below the video.

I first saw this energetic dance and singing act by a Spanish group of entertainers, in a viral video on Facebook and then searched Youtube for it, to see the community opinion about the video. The entertainment face value of this video is so high, and the true social and cultural implications of the video might not get the due attention if we don't examine this from such an angle.

It wasn't too long a time ago where the entire world looked at Hollywood as the capital of entertainment. The rest of the world's entertainment industry was highly influenced by the work done in Hollywood. Film makers from Europe to Middle East to Far East took Hollywood as the benchmark for producing commercially successful movies. Music industry too, was heavily dominated by the Americans and we rarely saw internationally popular music bands coming out from other regions, except for may be one or two.

But the shift started to take place from early 90's, when MTV decided to launch themselves in India, with the aim of “bringing MTV culture to India”. But the rest is history! We all know that, MTV went back home after being “Indianized”. If you look at MTV Asia at the moment, you would rarely see a show dominated by Hollywood or other western artists. It's a whole new generation of Indian pop stars who are occupying the airtime on MTV Asia.

Sometime back, I wrote about how India is slowly taking over the dominance in world cricket; through the “Indian Paisa (=Money) League” (So far to date this is my most read, and most re-published blog post). The cricketing culture about two decades ago was; no subcontinent player was allowed to speak in native languages to the local umpires or the international match commentators. But, now we see New Zealand umpires speaking in Hindi and calling for “play” at the start of cricket games. We see Indian and Pakistani players speaking in native languages on the international match commentaries. These are only some signs of what is going to happen in next couple of decades, to the so called “global culture” and the entertainment industry.

If we take a look back to see who dominated the world culture during past few centuries; the 16th to 19th Centuries were belonged to the Europeans who conquered the world through massive expeditions, and spread their culture all over the world. 20th Century was clearly belonged to Americans. The blue Jeans, Coke, McDonalds and Micheal Jackson!. They were the super power, and they still hold on to that position strongly. But, 21st Century is going to be dominated by new super powers of the world; China and (or) India. Between these two; India will play a larger role than China, in re-shaping the global culture and entertainment industry, than China.

The above Video is just a forerunner for what is going to happen to the world entertainment industry in another 10 years time. Of course there are still airport security officers in the USA, who doesn't recognize the name Sharukh Khan. But the shift is taking place swiftly. India is not only eating into the entertainment industry in Sri Lanka by pumping in mega tele serials in whole sale; but they also slowly creeping into the markets dominated by Hollywood.

In few years time, we will see more Hollywood movies like “Slumdog Millionaire” featuring storylines based in India. We will see more Indian musicians like AR Rahaman winning Grammies and Oscars for wonderful works like he did for Slumdog Millionaire. We will see more Western and American artists trying to imitate Indian entertainers like the Spanish guys in this video does. In short; we will see more Bollywoodization of Hollywood and other entertainment industries across the globe. Today is 18th August 2009. I will check back this blog post on 18th August 2019 to shed some retrospect. Would you join me then?

(This post was written in a real hurry, and I haven't had much time to look for spelling mistakes or grammar errors. If you note any; please send me an email to amitha@ this domain)

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