Is Skypenames2.exe a Virus?

If you are Skype user, and tried to log into your account recently, you would have noticed this message “Skypenames2.exe wants access to your program” (or something similar). It gives you two options, either to accept access or deny. Is this a virus, or a malware? I researched a little bit into this, and learned Skypenames2.exe is a legit program developed by Skype. At once, you might suspect if Skypenames2.exe a virus trying to access your web browsers. But, as confirmed by Skype’s technical support team, this is a legit program to be used with your regular Skype installation. What does Skypenames2.exe do? [Continue after these ads]

According to Skype’s technical support response, Skypenames2.exe is the program which highlights the phone numbers inside your web browser, to enable one-click calling through Skype. According to them, it is completely safe to allow access for Skypenames2.exe.

If you would like to remove the number highlighting feature in Skype, you can disable Skypenames2.exe with following steps.

To disable number highlighting (Skypenames2.exe) please follow these steps:
1. Open your web browser
2. On the toolbar you should see the Skype Add-on/extension icon
3. Click on the icon to turn it off.

If you are not able to find an add-on/extension icon, then reinstall
Skype as follows:

1. Uninstall Skype from:
Start > Settings > Control Panel > "Add or Remove Programs" (for Vista
users, Start > Settings > Control Panel > "Programs and Features"). 2. Search for "Skype" and remove/uninstall it.
3. Download Skype from

Important: Once you start the installation process, click on Options,
and make sure the following check box(es) are unticked:
- Install Skype extension for Mozilla Firefox
- Install Skype add-on for Internet Explorer

And proceed with the installation as usually.


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  2. Thanks, your post was very helpful.

  3. After having installed REFOG Keylogger, which can a.o. show what programs are running in the background, I noticed that Skypenames2.exe opens and closes (in the background) with an interval of about 30 sec.
    Skype is NOT running (not even in the background/system tray).
    Is this normal and should I just accept this???

  4. thank you! i was very much confused by this

  5. according to Mickey
    i think skypenames2.exe do something wrong. Skype must answer about this.

  6. Oh skypenames2.exe I don't know but phone numbers still aren't highlighted for me. Maybe skype trying to partake with users amphibius style being all kooi, blend according to their nature...hopefully it's not to hurt :P

  7. Thank you for your post. It is shocking to me that Skype does not have an explicit stance on their website. This is the first thing they need to do! On one forum the Skype developer said "it's fine" then later in the same page contradicted himself. Yarg. That kind of stuff is potentially dangerous! Skype's waffling on the issue makes me think Skype2.exe is a kind of Skype spyware for Skype's benefit. Who are you calling from where and for how long. Thanks again! :) :) :)

  8. Thank you,
    At first, I thought it was a virus.
    Thank you for the information.

  9. Thank you for your information

  10. Yeh Skype knows everything allready if they want to :p

    All chatlogs are stored, and they record how long and who you are talking to. Lookup the IP your calling, and you can see where they live~, and Skype got this information.

    I dont know how long they store the information, and i doubt that they are using it, but they got it if it is needed ;)

    (No, chatlogs are not stored locally on your own computer, tested that myself)

    Thanks for the post though, cleared up some misunderstandins :)

  11. Skypenames2.exe, Hmmm, Honestly, just deny it. it doesn't sound like a very helpful exe to me, and they already have plugins for that, So if you do want the number highlighting feature, Just get a plugin, steer clear of exes that haven't been scanned. Exe files are the devil if they aren't scanned well, and you aren't even given the option to scan this one, so don't use it.

  12. Skype and RealPlayer, both are unofficially known for collecting user habits and browsing history data onto their servers.

    I advise you stay away from them.

    Safe alternatives are, fring(for mobiles) and MediaClassic(plays all formats) Player. For desktops, you will find alternative for skype easily, just google it. Or if you still want to use Skype, then better disable and block its browser add-ons.

    You can download them from,
    MediaClassic player -
    fring -

  13. Thanks, Can I translate it to Japanese? and show it on my blog?

  14. Sure :-) A link to original post is admired.

  15. Thank you for your kindness!]
    I link your page^^

  16. I discovered this app was continually starting & then terminating. A Google search reveals it is a FireFox compatibility problem. To avoid this app slowing your computer down remove the addon:
    FireFox Tools, Add-ons, Extensions, Skype extension for FireFox, Disable.

  17. Phew! Thanks. It just popped up and I was quite worried :O

  18. They don't have to be so mysterious about it.

  19. Thanks Article Creator. That helps me, I was a little bit worried.

    Anonymous post 12 of June: They actually do. With the new Windows 7 and even the old Windows Vista the operating system won't allow program executables (exe files) to open without a user to allow them to.

  20. Wooh.. I was worried to hell.. Thanks for the information mate...

  21. Thank you for the explanation and instructions. Very helpful!

  22. Very helpful! Thanks!

  23. thank you...its helpful info!!

  24. Gracias! (thanks from Argentina)

  25. Thank goodness for that, it's a real pest when site building as it messes up the text around it iun WYSISYG builders, hadn't thought that it was an add on

    Thank You

    John Robbins

  26. well, i do not believe this is innocent pop up, since in Dutch it contains a big spelling error


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