How To Track @ Replies on Twitter

@ replies

I was wondering about a way how I can getn an alert when someone @ mention me on Twitter. Ideally, I was looking for a way to get it as a text message, my Twitter handle is @ replied. But when someone @ mention you on Twitter, there's no way for you to get alerted as Twitter doesn't support text alerts for @ mentions. Isn't it really important to be in alert for who is @ mentioning you on Twitter? I remember, when we planned the TweetupSL, we used to @ mention a particular radio station a several times, but they never bothered to reply us. Later I realize, the radio station updates Twitter through Facebook, and they have simply left their Twitter followers unanswered. If you are tweeting for a brand this is a shame to let happen, isn't it?. Your customers are talking to you with @ mentions, but you never even know. Sole purpose of your brand being on social media is lost!

Mashable today posted "5 Free Ways to Never Miss a Twitter @Reply", which I believe is immensely helpful for anyone wishes to use Twitter for marketing communication. Check out the Mashable list here, and I personally recommend Twitstra and which I tested for myself.


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