Come to Social Good Day at Refresh Colombo This Thursday

If you are living or working in and around Colombo, I invite you to join hands with us for a very special event called “Social Good Day Colombo” on this coming Thursday. You have used Facebook to keep in touch with your friends, and use Twitter to meet and interact with new friends. You watch Lady Gaga videos on Youtube, you use Wikepedia for researching for your studies. But, have you ever thought that you can use all these social media services, to make much worthier causes? That’s what Social Good Day (SGD) is all about.

What is Social Good Day?

It’s a global event initiated by with the mission of “to celebrate, share, educate, and engage in a discussion on how social media can be used to tackle some of the world’s social challenges and issues”. This goes hand in hand with the main event “Social Good Summit” which is happening today (21st September) in New York. The celebration of Social Good Day around the world would happen on 23rd of September, when local social media enthusiasts from different places of the globe will get together to organize mini events in their respective home cities.

The theme of the Social Good Day is “Can social media be used to make the world a better place? We believe it can”.

With this mission and theme; social media enthusiasts around the world are organizing mini-events, to appreciate great achievers who used social media and internet to solve some of the social problems around the world.

Social Good Day at Refresh Colombo

The event which we organized for the people of Colombo, will take place on 23rd September from 5.15pm to 7.30pm, at the Royal College Union Skills Centre. The event is conducted as a combined event with Refresh Colombo, which is the monthly meet-up of Colombo’s web and technology enthusiasts’ community.
A big thank goes out to Mr.Nandasiri Wanninayake, our keynote speaker for the day, team behind Refresh Colombo; Milad, Nazly and Aloka, and to Rohan, Yasir and Udara who played a major role in organizing a social good day event in Colombo.

So, if you are working or living in Colombo, and if you think that Facebook and Twitter can be used for little more than keeping in touch with friends and family; please drop into Royal College Union Skills Centre on 23rd September, at 5.15pm. Entrance is free. Refreshments sponsored by Coco Veranda. Read the full agenda here.

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