Confusing Your Customer is Not a Strategy

November 4th happened to be the 8th year celebration of my marketing career. It was on November 4th, 2002 I started working at my first job as a marketing internee. After practicing as a professional marketer for last 8 years I have come to realize that there is no better strategy than "keeping it simple”. In today’s highly fragmented and cluttered media environment, getting the attention of the customer is the greatest challenge for any marketer. When you confuse the customer with an over complicated product, you make the job easier for your competitors. Instead of trying to diagnose your over complicated product, they start paying attention to your competitors’ offers.

Take example; Yahoo auctions "was" a more feature rich auction engine than what eBay "is". "was" and "is" within quotes tell the whole story.

Customers come to you with a definite problem. If you don't give them a definite solution, you will definitely lose them next time. Be specific with what’s your offer to the customer. You offer must solve a problem for the customer.

Don’t confuse your customer. It’s not a strategy.

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  1. 100 % agreed with you Amitha. Keep it simple, Its always works ..


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