How to Create a Vanity URL for Your Facebook Page

Creating a vanity URL for your Facebook page is easy. First of all, let me explain you what is a vanity URL.

A ‘vanity URL’ on Facebook is a custom user ID for your business page hosted on Facebook. For example, when you create a page for your business on Facebook, the URL of the page will originally look like this.

However, this URL is not so easy to memorize, and therefore it is so hard to share with others. Instead of this URL format, how about having a customized URL like this

Now this is called a vanity URL on Facebook. For example, the fan page for my blog is hosted on the Facebook vanity URL

How to Create a Vanity URL for your Facebook Page?

It is very easy. Log into your Facebook account with which you administer your business page, and visit the following URL

Once you visit this URL, you will see a drop down to select all the business pages you administer on Facebook. All you have to do is, select the page that you want to create a vanity URL.

Once you select the page, type in the text that you would like to have as your vanity ID and then click “Check Availability” . If the user ID you typed in is available, you will be able to use it as your vanity URL. If not, you will have to select a different vanity ID.

Keep in mind, after you select a vanity URL for your business page on Facebook, you cannot change it again. Therefore it is very important to pick the right vanity URL at first place.

Other important thing to keep in mind is, your page should have minimum 25 likes, to claim a vanity URL.

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