How to Use the Facebook Contact Importer Tool for an Existing Fan Page

Just two days passed after another Social Media Marketing workshop in Colombo, and I’m back to blogging to keep a promise I made to the participants of Saturday’s workshop.

Yes, I made a promise to you that I will finish answering all unanswered questions from the audience, by posting my answers as blog posts here. There can be hundreds of others with the same questions as you, so I believe this will be for the benefit of so many other people like you.

I’ve got 11 unanswered questions and in this post, I’m going to tackle one such question.

QUESTION: If my FB page is already set-up, how do I upload my contacts to the page? As per the ‘import contacts’ option, [which appears] while the page is being set up?

Well, I believe the question is about “How to use the Facebook Contact Importer Tool for a Page That Already Been Created?”.

Here is a step by step guide, to find the “Contact Importer” feature on a Facebook page.

First, make sure you are an admin of the Facebook page and load your Facebook page in a browser window.

Next, click on the “Edit Info” link, just below your page name.

Then, in the left hand sidebar of the “Edit Info” screen of your Facebook page, look for the link “Resources” and click on it.

After landing on the “Resources” page for your Fan page, click on the “Tell Your Fans” link.

Clicking on “Tell Your Fans” will trigger Facebook Contact Importer window. 

From that point onwards, it’s only a matter of following the contact importer instructions to find which of your contacts are already on Facebook. Remember, you can only import up to 5,000 contacts per page.

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  1. never knew about this. Thanks!

  2. I did this and instead of sending an invite to like my page, it sent a friend request from my personal profile. I now have over 800 strangers (clients) who are confirming me as a friend. I asked a few other page admins and they experienced the same thing. I have submitted feedback to facebook, but who knows where that will go.

  3. i dont have a resources link


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