Cheapest Android Smartphones in Sri Lanka: 10 Androids You Can Buy Below Rs. 34,999/-

Looking to buy an Android Smartphone but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Here’s the top 10 Android Smartphones you can buy in Sri Lanka, under Rs. 34,999/-! Yes, that’s if you have a budget of Rs.35,000/- for an Android Smartphone, you still  have 10 options to compare.

Smart phones in Sri Lanka are not still cheap. Still, Rs.35,000/- is quite a big amount of money for an average Sri Lankan, so this give way for cheap Chinese feature phones in the price range of Rs.3,000 to 15,000. Most people go for these cheap ‘look-alike’ Chinese phones, thinking that they are functionally similar to popular smart phone makes like BlackBerry or iPhone. “Every cellular phone which comes with  a QWERTY keyboard is not a BlackBerry”. (Unfortunately, there is a segment of the market in Sri Lanka who believe it’s the same). This is a market education requirement, which need to be addressed by the mobile phone operators in Sri Lanka.

Coming back to the topic of this post, let me list down the top 10 cheapest Android phones in Sri Lanka.

Huawei U8180 IDEOS X1 – Price in Sri Lanka, Rs. 13,303.06

Although it is a Chinese phone, Huawei is arguably one of those Chinese brands which comes with a respectable standards of quality. Sri Lankan consumers have experienced in using HSDPA dongles and other devices manufactured by Huawei.
Huawei U8180 IDEOS X1 is sold at a price of Rs.13,303.06 as a special offer by Etisalat Sri Lanka. Needless to say, the offer comes with strings attached by Etisalat but you have to accept that as a fair deal for an operator to attach commitments to their data plans for obtaining a special price on a handset. You can contact Etisalat Sri Lanka for more details on buying this phone. Phone runs on Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo). Read the full phone spec on

Micromax Andro A60 – Price in Sri Lanka, Rs. 19,500/-

Micromax Andro A60 is the first Android phone to be released by this Indian company. In fact, they released this Android phone in India with the theme “My first Smartphone”, giving the impression this is an entry level smart phone. I have no information about the Micromax Andro A60 price in India. However, in Sri Lanka this phone sells at a shelf price of Rs. 19,500/-. I have found few online advertisers posted this phone at Rs.16,500/- but I’m not quite sure about the condition of the phones sold at that price. Read the full phone spec on

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini – Price in Sri Lanka, Rs. 20,900/-

If you are ok to start with slightly an old version of Android OS, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini is the cheapest option you can go for from the recognized OEM Sony Ericsson. This Android is based on Android OS, v1.6, and can be bought in Sri Lanka at a price of Rs. 20,900/-. Shop around at Unity Plaza or MC, or drop in at Celltronics, 422 A, Galle Rd. Wellawatte to check out this phone at this price. Read the full phone spec on

 Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 – Price in Sri Lanka, Rs. 21,900/-

Another Android phone based on Android OS, v1.6 from the same OEM,  Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 is priced at Rs. 21,900/- at the moment in Sri Lanka. Read the full phone spec on


Huawei IDEOS X3 – Price in Sri Lanka, Rs. 22,300/-

Huawei IDEOS X3 is another special deal promoted by Etisalat Sri Lanka, with one of their monthly commitments attached to it. The published price is Rs. 22.300/-. Phone is based on Android OS V2.2. To get the actual price of the phone, you can contact Etisalat Sri Lanka and get a clarification on their strings attached to this deal. Read the full phone spec on


Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro – Price in Sri Lanka, Rs. 22,900/-

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro is based on Android OS, v1.6 (Donut), upgradable to v2.1 and is priced in Sri Lanka at Rs.22,900/- . Read the full phone spec on

LG Optimus ME – Price in Sri Lanka, Rs. 24,990/-

LG Optimus ME is an Android phone based on Android OS, v2.2, which is reasonably priced at Rs. 24,990/-. Phone is sold by Abans Office Automations in Sri Lanka, so drop in by any Abans show rooms to inquire about this phone. Read the full phone spec on

Samsung Galaxy POP – Price in Sri Lanka, Rs.27,500/-

This is the first Samsung Mobile phone in this list. Prices of Samsung Mobile has significantly come down recently all around the world. Samsung Galaxy POP is by far the most popular Android phone in Sri Lanka. I’ve seen many people I meet, using this phone and speaking quite satisfied about it. The phone is based on Android OS, v2.2 and can be bought in Sri Lanka at a price around Rs. 27,500/-. Shop around at Unity Plaza or drop by at Cellular Connection, 86, Union Place, Colombo 2 to inquire about this phone at this price. Read the full phone spec on

Samsung Galaxy Pro – Price in Sri Lanka, Rs. 28,900/-

Samsung Galaxy Pro is an Android phone with a QWERTY keyboard. Errrrr…. That’s the last thing I want to see on an Android phone. Androids are best on touch screen phones, and QWERTY is the iconic feature of BlackBerry. However, this phone is priced at Rs.28,900/- in Sri Lanka. Read the full phone spec on

HTC Wildfire – Price in Sri Lanka, Rs.32,900/-

HTC Wildfire is the Android phone model which I’m currently using. So far my experience with HTC Wildfire is ‘OK’, with no major complaints. I love the design of the phone it’s very sleek and smart. However, if you consider the camera as a primary need when selecting a mobile phone, my suggestion is to go for a Sony Ericsson. HTC seems to be having the worst cameras on mobile phones, and I’m totally dissatisfied with the performance of the camera on my HTC Wildfire. Apart from that, the rest of the features are quite good and this is a value for money phone under Rs.40,000/-. When I bought the phone 6 months ago, the phone was priced around Rs. 37,000/-. According to the latest prices, you can now buy this one at Rs. 32,900/-. I’ve seen some advertisers offering this at Rs. 26,000/- but I’m not sure about the quality. Read full phone specifications on

LG Optimus ONE - Price in Sri Lanka, Rs.34,990/-

LG Optimus ONE is the last in my list. This is the first Optimus phone launched by LG, and there is no significant fall of price in the phone after launching the Optimus TWO. Anyway, if you wish to make an inquiry you can drop by at any Abans show room or visit Unity Plaza to shop for this device which is priced at Rs.34,990/- in Sri Lanka. Full phone spec on

Do you know any other good Android phones which are cheaper? Please update the models and approximate price in the comments section below.

These prices are as of 10th October 2011, and were obtained by calling few mobile phone traders in Unity Plaza and inquiring from people who recently bought these models. Prices can vary for many reasons, which I am not held responsible. I have no affiliations with business entities or brand names mentioned in this post, and I have not received any benefits from these vendors, brands, operators for featuring these products here.

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  1. Very useful and informative post. Thanks! :)

  2. Thank you for the info. Just want to know the price of the Sony Ericsson Xperia mini Pro not the SE X 10 Mini pro.

    its the newer version of the X10
    Heres a link of it.

    I heard that its somewhere around 32,000 in SL
    Is it possible for u to confirm this.


  3. Can you please explain (in simple terms) as to what advantages a 'Smart Phone' has over a Standard 'Non-Smart' Mobile Phone. As you may have guessed, I am technologically illiterate (or almost so) when it comes to the latest developments in Mobile Phones. Thank you.

  4. There was this phone very similar to Samsung Galaxy POP called Galaxy 5 advertised on papers for around 26,000 a few weeks ago which I bought for my self from a friend at a dirt cheap price of Rs.20,000. It came with Android 2.1 which I upgraded to 2.2 (no recommended to the weak hearted). It's still available on and you can check the specs at GSM Arena.

  5. **What is a Smartphone?**
    In simple language, a Smartphone is something “more than just a phone”. It works as a phone, as well as a handheld device to connect to the internet, synchronize your emails, share information (not voice) while on travel etc. BlackBerry is the most popular Smartphone for some time, and now iPhone has overtaken them in global share of market. Android is an operating system for smartphones, developed by Google. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) like HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson use Android platform to make different Smartphone models.
    A feature phone is the opposite of a smartphone. A feature phone serves the basic functions of voice and SMS, and with added offline features such as an organizer, calculator, camera, etc. Even a feature phone can be used to connect to the internet and access certain online services, but most feature phones worh with proprietary operating systems, making it difficult for 3rd parties to develop online applications.
    I think, following article will be useful for understanding the differences.

  6. Thank you.

    IMO you must never spend more than 40K on an Android, unless if the hardware gives you exceptional features. All Android phones in the market are more or less the same. It’s ridiculous to spend 70,000 on an Android phone. I would rather go for a Tab at that price and resort to a cheaper smartphone around price range of 30,000

  7. Good post. And I thought of adding few more models too. HTC has newer version of Wildfire called Wildfire S. Like in iPhone where 3GS had better features than 3G and 4S has better features than 4, the Wildfire S has better features compared to the Wildfire, except for not having the metal body and the optical trackpad. ( ) It runs on Gingerbread. Though there is a price difference at different places I saw the price as Rs.34250/-.

    And I think the Sony Ericsson model names are bit confusing. There is Xperia mini ( ) running Gingerbread and priced somewhere around Rs.32000 and there is Xperia Mini Pro ( )which also runs Gingerbread and priced at around Rs.34000. The X10 mini and X10 mini pro have been discussed in the post above.

    Sony Ericsson also has W8 ( ) a walkman edition running Android 2.1, which I think, music lovers will prefer. The price is around Rs.25000.

    LG has one called LG Optimus Me P350 ( Android 2.2) ( ) which is priced around Rs.30000.

    Motorola's XT5 ( running Android 2.1 is available at Abans for an exchange price of Rs.34990.

    The (newer version of Micromax Bling) Micromax Bling 2 (A55) ( running on Android 2.2 is priced around Rs.28900. By the looks it is more suitable for girls ! :)

    And not to forget the Vodafone 945 ( )which was available at Dialog for around Rs.23000. It ran on Android 2.1 and sold quite well. But it was locked for Dialog SIMs.

    Dialog has a cheaper option too. It's the Vodafone 858 ( ) which runs on android 2.2. It's available for Rs.13000 or Rs.11500 with data plan. surprisingly this model is NOT locked for Dialog SIMs. :)

  8. Thanks Gopi for the additional info.

    I have a question about Dialog Vodafone offers. In fact, I have this same question regarding Etisalat deals. You said, in those Vodafone models, SIM is locked to Dialog. Is this possible on Android platform? I thought, Android suppose to be an open platform, and one of the conditions Google enforce on OEMs is leaving it operator neutral. I'm just asking, cuz I'm not a techy person (I'm a tech marketer :-) ).

  9. What about VF858(Dialog sells). it is the cheapest Android phone in Sri Lanka now. going ar Rs.11,490/-

  10. Dialog VF858 is NOT SIM locked. You can use any SIM in to that..

  11. Ami,

    This is a wonderful post. Can imagine the time you put in to get the details. Wish to see more of this type, which would educate the consumer .


  12. Thanks for the informative post, um actually looking at the Sony Ericsson Series and waiting for the Xperia Active, basically its a more hadcore version of the Xperia Mini with dust and water proof cover i guess...dunno how the price going to be, if its below 30k i think its going to be a pretty good deal given the latest Android OS and great camera and video...:)

  13. Ami,

    Your post fuels our ambition for a "smart village". :)

  14. This is a wonderful research, and FYI, SE X8 and co. now come with Froyo (ver 2.2) installed.

  15. Dear sampath ,

    Do u know a authorized dealer for Huawei U8180 IDEOS X1 in sri lanka where we can directly purchase ?

  16. Hi gayan,
    Unfortunately, I don't have any info. As far as I know, Huawei doesn't have a direct operation or an agent for consumer products. They only have the B2B operations to deal with telco companies.

  17. In phones 'pro' usually means- 'has a hardware keyboard'.

    So Xperia Pro has a keyboard.
    Xperia Mini is the 3" screen phone without the keyboard.
    Xperia Mini Pro is the same but with the keyboard

    I brought the Xperia Mini Pro for 27,000/= (with out warranty) from a shop at Liberty Plaza.

    It is a great phone.

    Xperia Arc S is the top of the line for Sony Ericsson Smartphones and is only about 51K from Liberty Plaza.

  18. Hey what about Samsung Galaxy Y, it's about Rs.18,000-Rs.20,000

  19. This article helped. Thanx for posting.

  20. how to activate internet in vodafone 858, can anybody help me pls

  21. You should add sony experia live

  22. pls, tell me about Micromax x455 or any Micrimax mobile run on Android OS with price in Sri Lanka

  23. Why there is no zigo eon 5i and eon 3i eon 5i is 23990 and 3i is 16990.
    5i 5 mp camera 4.3 inch touch five point capacitance android 4.0 .3i 2 mp cam 3.5 inch touch five point capacitance android 4.0


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