Learning Social Media From කජුවත්ත එක්සත් Cricket සමාජය (Kajuwatte Eksath Cricket Samajaya)

කජුවත්ත එක්සත් Cricket සමාජය (Kajuwatte Eksath Cricket Samajaya) is the latest talking point on Facebook. I see at least 10 comics or other funny content shared by my Facebook friends, which links back to කජුවත්ත එක්සත් Cricket සමාජය (Kajuwatte Eksath Cricket Samajaya) Facebook page.

All though I do not have a clue about the guys working behind this title, I must say that they are enjoying some decent amount of ‘Social Media Love’ from Facebook users in Sri Lanka. I believe the name originated from this particular episode of ‘Mobitel Fan Talk’, which was aired during Cricket World Cup 2011.

The page gives us few good social media marketing lessons. Facebook recently introduced a new KPI to measure level of engagement of a Facebook page. This new index measures how many “people are talking about” your Facebook page during past 7 days. Why this number is important? Because, people will talk about your Facebook page (your brand on Facebook) only if you deliver ‘talk worthy content’ on your page. This matrice will significantly improve, if people start sharing the content originally uploaded/posted on your Facebook page. කජුවත්ත එක්සත් Cricket සමාජය (Kajuwatte Eksath Cricket Samajaya) is a prime example of how ‘compelling content’ can encourage engagement. As at the time of writing this post, කජුවත්ත එක්සත් Cricket සමාජය (Kajuwatte Eksath Cricket Samajaya) is having only 14,000 odd “Likes” but 82,000 people are talking about them. A quick look at some the most popular Sri Lankan Facebook pages with over 50,000 ‘Likes’ are struggling to pass the 2,000 mark in the index for ‘people are talkin about’.

How do we read this index? කජුවත්ත එක්සත් Cricket සමාජය (Kajuwatte Eksath Cricket Samajaya) having 82,000 ‘people talking about’ as against another page with a larger fan base having just 1,500 ‘people talking about’ essentially mean that Kajuwatte page is having more powerful content which ignites actions amongst people who are exposed to it. People will actively ‘Like’, ‘Comment’ and more importantly ‘Share’ which will ultimately end up being recording more ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’ from people who are not even ‘Liked’ (a fan of) කජුවත්ත එක්සත් Cricket සමාජය (Kajuwatte Eksath Cricket Samajaya).

What is the social media lesson?
The lesson essentially is, as a brand you should always try to increase this figure. This will be a guiding indicator whether your fans are actively getting engaged with the content you share on your brand page. If you have over 50,000 fans but less than 1,000 people are talking about you, there got to be something wrong in the content you share or, you have not attracted the right audience for the type of content you share.

The Trap
However, depending on this matrix to measure your ‘level of engagement’ can sometimes be detrimental. This of course measures ‘engagement’ but it doesn’t give you a clue about the sentiments. If 10,000 people are talking about your brand enthusiastically in a negative tone, I’m sure you would rather love to make that number smaller, rather than trying to increase the ‘engagement’ on a negative direction.

Sharing Irrelevant Jokes & Funny Videos Won’t Work
I recently observed, some brands on Facebook have already figured out this matrix and trying to add “sharable content” on their brand pages. In extreme cases, brands are sharing totally irrelevant jokes and funny videos with the hope that ‘some one’ will share this. Although this might help the Facebook page’s admin to make his KPI’s look sexy for their bosses, in a brand’s perspective this isn’t doing any good. After all, if you are an Airline company, people “Liked” your Facebook page to know more about your flights, deals, and services; not to read “Udurawana Jokes” or “Blond Jokes” on your Facebook page.

In a final note I should say.. Leave all funny videos, comics and Udurawana Jokes to කජුවත්ත එක්සත් Cricket සමාජය (Kajuwatte Eksath Cricket Samajaya) and focus on adding ‘compelling and relavant’ content to your Facebook brand page, which might ignite a conversation among your true customers.

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  1. I've also shared some funny images of this group. They're doing a great job, although the content are not their original creations, as i believe. They must also be thankful to Podi Malli, Chuti Malli and Sudu malli! hehe :D

  2. a nice article! i was thinking of this kajuwattha page and the way they are promoting the page too


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