You Should Never Adopt Social Media Marketing at Your Company

  1. Your products are having identified bugs but you don’t have a proper plan to fix them
  2. You believe numbers are more important than customers
  3. Your senior managers are overly obsessed with old school thinking of “uniform brand communications” and want you to filter each and every tweet, Facebook update, to qualify a certain checklist of guidelines.
  4. You believe grammar and spelling mistakes on blogs, tweets, and Facebook updates are serious sins.
  5.  You plan to hire a high-end production house to shoot your Youtube videos
  6. You want to take legal actions against a blogger on charges of copyright violations, for uploading your 1994 TV commercial to his Youtube account.
  7. You don’t have time and people to reply comments made by your customers on your Facebook page.
  8. You believe social media is free
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  1. 9. You think people are on Facebook only and only to "LIKE" your brand

  2. 10) You expect your customers to engage with your brand on Facebook but blocks your employees accessing Facebook

  3. I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information.


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