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Yes, I’m back on blogsphere once more after nearly a two months silence. This time, I’m back with some changes to the layouts of this site and added couple of additional features as well.

I’ve been writing on this blog for nearly about five years now, and what keeps me going is the nice feeling I get, when I look back at some of the posts I’ve written in the past. There are some posts on this blog which are still being found as useful pieces of resources. For example, the posts I did about cheapest Androids in Sri Lanka, how to create newsletters with Feedburner, what motivates people to participate in Social Media, how to conduct online surveys using Google Docs, are still receiving hundreds of visits every day and still remains as some of the most visited pages on this blog. I think, this is a great example for those bloggers who measure the success of a blog purely based on the number of comments they attract, and quit blogging simply because they don’t get enough comments on their posts! In average, I gather only 3 comments per post, but I receive over 800 daily visitors purely through Google, because I’ve created some content which helps them to solve some of their problems.

The layout change is simple! I’ve removed the left hand side side-bar and increased the width of main content area, so that it becomes much easier for you to read from left to right of your screen (No distractions once you reach back to left hand side of your screen for the next line!). I’ve reduced the height of the header, and removed the glossy background image which I used to put as my trademark PowerPoint slide back ground as well. Changed the header background color to a one which is very familiar to you on another website, and lined up all the widgets and AdSense spaces to the right hand side side-bar. That’s all about the layout change. (Any suggestions for improvements?)

Beside the layout changes, I’ve added few new sections to the blog. “Best Of” tab below the header, so that you can easily access some of the best past posts on this blogs, which I pick based on the number of visits and shares. “Connect” tab will help you to find some alternative ways of reaching out to me. And don’t forget to check out my ‘official disclaimer’. I thought this will be a necessary item to add, as more and more people are ‘discovering’ what blogs are, and are still failing to realize the difference between personal blogging and old school journalism.

Finally, I will definitely do my best to update this blog as often as I can. I do welcome your feedback and opinions, preferably as your own blog posts (linking here), or comments, or by sharing any of the posts on Twitter or Facebook.

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