Live Webinar (Free) - How To Make Your Online Banner Ads More Effective

Finally, I have found some extra time to do this! For last couple of months, Suranga and I were discussing about this free webinar series, but commitments in my personal life significantly limited me from sitting in front of my laptop once I return home from work. This not only kept me away from doing the webinars but also held me back from posting to my blog. (You can see it! This is the first post in two months…)

Anyway, Suranga has already conducted few successful webinar sessions on over last few weeks, streaming live from Sydney.
This week, I’m going to host the live webinar on from Colombo. The topic for this week, as you may already read in the title of this post, would be “How To Make Your Online Banner Ads More Effective”. You might be wondering why I’ve selected a topic which is not related to ‘Social Media’.

In my honest opinion, Sri Lankan eMarketing community has now exposed to enough materials on Social Media, by way of workshops, public speaking sessions, webinars, blog posts and many more sources. I hear even the old school marketers are now chanting the mantra of social media. In comparison, I notice the huge gap of knowledge in the area of online display advertising. Many people believe it’s not that complicated thing to run a web banner campaign. Yes, it may not be rocket science, but still the way it is currently done in Sri Lanka is very much backward and we need to advance many miles, to keep up with the current standards of display banner advertising in other developed markets.

Interested in joining in for the webinar? It’s completely free, but seats are limited. You can reserve your participation onthis link. Webinar this week is scheduled to start at 9.00PM Sri Lanka time (on Thursday, 21 June 2012).


  1. Ami,

    Your post does not include the date. Only the time.
    Anyway the link has the date. Would be good to have it in your post. :)



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