7 Rules to Follow for Better Use of Mobile Phones

 I see lots of people who doesn't realize the importance of these rules.

Rule 1. If the person you are calling, doesn’t answer the call within 15 seconds; disconnect the call and try again later.

Rule 2. If the person you are calling declined your call, don’t call them immediately right away. They would have dropped the call for a reason (a meeting or something like that) so you shouldn’t irritate the person with repeated attempts of calling.

Rule 3. If the person you are calling declined your call, send him a text message asking for a convenient time to call back.

Rule 4. It is OK to decline/ignore an incoming call. If they are really in a hurry, there’s something called SMS to follow-up a declined/ignored call.

Rule 5. If you decline a call from someone, use an automated text message to let other person know the reason why you declined the call (I’m at a meeting, driving, eating, etc etc)

Rule 6. Always return the missed calls from known numbers!

Rule 7. Think twice before returning a missed call from an unknown number. If you were anticipating a call from an unknown number (a taxi you booked, call for a job interview you applied etc) you should always return such calls. But 80% of the time, when you return a missed call from an unknown number, you would realized you asked for some unnecessary trouble :-)

Did I miss anything? Add in the comments below..

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