At last I managed to give my blog a ‘new look’ after almost six years! When I started this blog back in 2007 I never expected to sustain this for more than one year. It was experimental at the beginning, but I kept going posting at least once a month on this blog up until 2012 but my frequency of posting dropped drastically in 2013 and 2014.

Last two years I was kept busy with work and several other new projects I’ve ventured into, so I had very little time to focus on ‘blogging’. On top of that, convenience of Facebook and Twitter compelled me to use those two Social Networks to express my opinions more often, than going through the hassle of creating blog posts here.

However, every time I think to myself “this is it, let this blog go for a silent death” something really interesting happened. Somewhere out of the blue I happen to meet a regular reader of my blog who starts praising the content I create on this blog and telling me how helpful my blog had been for them in the past. Initially it was students from various higher education institutes who studies marketing and media/communications. Later I met some high profile marketing professionals from various corporates in Sri Lanka who happened to be readers of my blog.

Every time I meet these people, I was amazed to see the value that I have created for them by sharing my day to day experiences of working in the field of digital marketing and social media.

So I thought of rekindling the fire! As a start, I created a new logo and a favicon for the blog and changed the template to a new look. Every new beginning should have a new look and feel. Secondly, I’m going to significantly reduce the length of my postings. In postings to come I will try to restrict myself for not more than 800 words.

I plan to discuss more about paid media topics in digital advertising. Last several years my focus was mainly on social media, but I realized there is a significant lack of knowledge among Sri Lankan marketers about the power of paid advertising on digital media. Every time I talked to someone about paid media topics like remarketing, affinity targeting or impression buys, or native ads, most of them respond saying “you’re talking about banner ads, right?”. Just like most marketers mistake Facebook to be everything about Social Media, they tend to mistake placing a banner ad on a popular website is the only form of paid advertising available on the internet.

One downside I noticed in this relaunch… I’ve lost all the comments in my old posts soon after I installed this new template. If you are a Blogger template genius, I would appreciate a lot if you can help me reinstating some of those interesting comment threads I had on my older posts.

So keep in touch! I’ll be posting more often on this space in time to come.

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