Festival of Media Asia Pacific 2015 - Post Event Thoughts

Google Singapore managing director Joanna Flint (center)
 taking a group selfie with her selfie stick. 
I am back in Sri Lanka after attending the Festival of Media Asia conference which happened in Singapore last week. I’m sure some of you would have followed me on Twitter for all the live updates and pictures from the event.

I wanted to do daily sum-up posts here but it was too tempting for me to get some time off after the conference to go and explore the Lion City :-). I had to make maximum out of my time in Singapore, so I didn’t want to be stuck in a hotel room and update my blog after the conference is over.
All in all, it was two days with highly concentrated high quality content on latest trends in media and communication. Selection of speakers for the event was excellent, and timing of sessions, the order of activities was organized in such a way that participants would never be bored by being there for two days.

Case study presented by Dean Dacko (Senior Vice President at Malaysia Airlines) about Malaysia Airlines’ double crisis post MH370 and MH17 disasters was one of the best sessions of the entire conference. How a brand can get hit by circumstances which are totally beyond their control and how a brand can quickly respond to such situations on Social Media was one of the biggest learning point from that session. Importance of making decisions on time, and being responsive to all customer queries was some of the key points I gathered from that session.

Throughout almost all the presentations, the importance of mobile as a platform in the region was highlighted. Some presenters made the argument that it is useless to talk about a stand-alone mobile strategy for a brand, as mobile is becoming just another way of people accessing information. Rather than focusing your strategy on the platform, you need to focus on the way you engage with them with right content in the right context.

One of the best features I noticed about FOMA15 was the opportunities it created for the rising stars and startup companies. The Rising Star award and the #YPL initiative with Twitter were nice platforms for young talent from the region, and Emerge was a Launchpad for startup companies from the region. These were indeed some remarkable efforts by FOMA15 to uplift the standards of media innovations in the region.
M and M Global, the organizers of FOMA15 are planning few more Festival of Media events across the globe this year. Festival of Media Middle East and North Africa is taking place in Dubai on 15th April 2015, followed by Festival of Media Global happening in Rome from 10th to 12th May 2015. The Latin America regional event happens in Biscayne USA from 23rd to 24th September 2015.
If you are interested in any of this Festival of Media Events, please learn more about the events on their official website here.

I have uploaded some of the photographs I’ve taken at the FOMA15 conference, to my Facebook page. Have a look at the pictures here.

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