Upskilling Your Marketing Staff for Digital Age

With growth of digital as a marketing communications channel, more and more traditional marketers are now talking about “integration”. A channel which they once ignored as a fad, has now become a necessity for them to integrate with.

This is the theme for Digital Marketing Summit 2016 which happens in exactly one week’s time! This year’s Ctheme is “Integrating Traditional Marketing with Digital”.

Along this theme, my topic for the summit is “Bridging the Digital Knowledge Gap. How to Train Your Marketing Staff for Digital”.

I believe the secret for better integrating traditional marketing with digital is to up skilling your traditional marketing team. So far companies focused on hiring specialized people to manage digital marketing, which created further fragmentation and compartmentalization within the marketing department. Solution is up skilling. But how to?

Below are the areas I will be covering in my session. Hoping to see you there! If you have not yet registered for the event, call Shareena (EBA) on +94 11723 2277 or +94 7721 588 55. Or you can email her at

Here we go! Topics I will be covering in my session.

**Challenge of finding purely digital talent

**Problem of hiring purely digital talent

**Why up skiling is the way forward?

**Myths about digital marketing in Sri Lanka

**Finding the right training partner to up skilling your marketing staff

**Practical model to up skill your marketing staff in-house

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