Why people go job hopping?

“Don’t stay stuck in a job that you hate, just quit and find another job!”

This is one of the best carrier advice I endorse, and I strongly believe in. You should take this advice seriously, if you are stuck in a job that you hate for more than 3 years.

But, if someone is facing this situation every six months, or every other year; then, the problem is not necessarily in the job.

I know few people who update their place of work on social networks at least once a year. When I speak to them, they say “oh! The new job I found is the best. That’s the best place to work” and then they go on and criticize their former bosses and work places. Same person, in another year hop to another place and badmouth the previous “dream employer”.

In my opinion, this happens for three reasons.

One, you lie at interviews. You just lie at the interview to get the job, but in reality you are not competent enough to hold that position for more than one year. Then you hop to another job by lying to another employer.

Two, you have a very low attention span, and you just get easily bored. You see a shiny object and follow it, until you see the next shiny object in the horizon. Some people call this "jumping at opportunities" and see nothing wrong in it.

Tthree, you are simply not the “employee” type. You have an entrepreneur inside. Take the risk, and start your own venture, rather than wasting other people’s (and your) time.

If you are still young, and in your early to mid-career, think about this. Within your first five years of career, stay at one place for at least 3 solid years. Work under a good boss and improve your skills and gain more experience (this, exactly is what Jack Ma said in an interview). After five years, do a career review. Should I continue at this same place? Or should I look for a change? Or should I go on and start something on my own?

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