Who do you choose to be during COVID 19?

Who do you choose to be during Covid 19? Are you going to play the role of the victim, who keeps blaming everyone else for what has happened and what is going on? 
Or, are you going to make this a great opportunity to learn some new skills and live life happily?
Or, do you choose this to be the perfect moment to grow yourself, while helping other people to get through this?

Last week I received this very interesting inforgraphic through a WhatsApp chat.
To be honest, I don’t know who the original creator of this infographic, but I realized by sharing this as a video like this, will help to spread the excellent message embedded in this graphic.

Let’s start by asking the question “Who do I choose to be during Covid 19 crisis?”.

This is a time, almost everybody feels stressed. We all are feeling the same way, that we are stuck in some kind of a coma or a nightmare, wanting to wake-up ourselves from.

But this is a reality. The world is going through a crisis, and in that crisis you can choose to be the person inside of any of these three zones. 

If you are in the FEAR ZONE, you will always search for news about the crisis and will keep endlessly sharing it on social media. The death count, the infected count, and how badly the governments around the world are handling this crisis.

Further, you get easily irritated by what you hear on news, or what other people say and do in this situation.

Next, you will be that typical panic buyer who rushed to the supermarket the moment you first hear the news about curfew getting further extended, or that rumor about the country going to get locked down almost forever. 
You will stock food, medicine, dry rations and all sorts of consumable goods for many weeks ahead, even if you really don’t want them.

Finally, in the fear zone you will keep on blaming everyone around. You will blame the Chinese for starting all of this, and then you will blame the Italians for spreading this around the world. You will blame your government, US government and all authorities involved in this crisis.

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