The One Quote That Changed My Life

We all have favorite inspirational quotes. Out of these quotes, there are some quotes that are really life-changing.

I am going to talk about one such quote which changed my life 7 years ago.

It was just another day in October 2013. I completed my day’s work at the office, and I took a break from my office work and peeped into my social media feeds. 

Scrolling through my Twitter feed, I saw a tweet from a person I followed, whom I really can’t recall who it was. 

But I remember what was mentioned in that tweet, even after 7 years.

It was a quote from a 19th-century German author named Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe.

The quote said “Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it; Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now”. 

Now, it was a moment of enlightenment for me.

Up to that point in my life, I was a classic procrastinator. 

I had hundreds of brilliant ideas, but I always kept on procrastinating on those. 

“Begin it now!” - That was a strong call to action which immediately got me to act.

I read through the quote several times, and then I thought “I am going to begin something NOW, which I have always procrastinated for so many months”.

Then I suddenly saw a book, lying on my work desk. A book, which I bought about a year ago, and kept on my work desk to read whenever I get free time.

But I never got that free time to read the book.

I realized, that I will never get such a free time unless I myself free some time for the task of reading the book.

The time was around 6.30 in the evening. I told myself, “Begin it now!”, and I picked up that book and started reading the first paragraph. That was it. Within the next two weeks, I finished reading that book, and it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Wonder what that book was?

It was “Mega Living” by Robin Sharma.

Even to date, I consider this the best life-changing book I have ever read. Unlike many other Robin Sharma books, this book doesn’t have a fictional story of monks, lawyers, or weird business tycoons. 

This is 100% pure actionable life advice. 

Every page in this book has something practical to take into your life.

Before reading this book, I was a night owl and a lazy person when it comes to early rising. Now I wake up at 5 am in the morning without any uncomfortable feeling. I erased the habit of worrying about the future, or the mistakes I have done in the past. I learned how to organize my thoughts, and how to get rid of negative thoughts always nagging me from the back of my head. 

There are so many other lessons I learned from this book, which helped me to improve my life significantly over the last 7 years.

What inspired me to read this life-changing book?

It was that quote I saw on Twitter.

 “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now”. 

So, what are you dreaming of? Why are you waiting? Begin it now. Not tomorrow, not the next hour. Now. Take that initial step, and thank me later.

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