Your mood is determined by the last 10 posts you engaged on Facebook

“You are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with”

This is a famous quote by the motivational speaker Jim Rohn.

This is quite an interesting statement! And, it does make a lot of sense if you really think about it.

The people you interact with the most tend to leave some influence on your character.

You start to like the same things, do the same things and even start to believe the same things. 

Just observe yourself for a while. Then try to see what characteristics you share the most, with your closest friends. 

Jim Rohn used this quote, to motivate people to distance themselves from toxic people and get more closer to people who can enrich your life.

Now let me come straight to my take on this.

What if I told you, in this age of social media, your current mood is always the average of the last 10 posts you saw on Facebook?

Think about it…

How are you feeling right now? What’s your mood?

Happy? Sad? Jealous? Irritated? Frustrated? Depressed?  

Now take a minute and reflect on, what were the last 10 Facebook posts you engaged with. 

Can you make a connection?

If you constantly getting exposed to negative and frustrating content on your Facebook feed, it’s highly likely that your mood will also swing to a more negative and frustrating extreme. 

Here’s a tip.

Do you have friends who regularly upload cat videos on Facebook?

Mark them as “See First”. You are guaranteed to get a mood-fix every time you see your newsfeed.

Give this idea a serious thought. Your mood is determined by the last 10 posts you engaged on Facebook. 

Now tell me, what are you going to do about it?

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Cheers! Have a nice day!

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