Best Digital Marketing Courses in Sri Lanka for 2021 and Beyond


Digital Marketing Courses in Sri Lanka

Google Trends tool suggests an increasing demand for searches for 'Digital Marketing Courses in Sri Lanka' compared to 'Marketing Courses in Sri Lanka'.

This is an indication, the need for getting upskilling for Digital Marketing is becoming a top priority among the marketing professionals in Sri Lanka.

Interestingly enough, this growth of interest for digital marketing training programs appeared to be steepening right after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic made many top corporate executives in Sri Lanka start thinking about digital. But when they start investing in digital, they realize it's challenging to find the right skills to fill the vacancies in their organizations.

We can only fill this digital skills gap by creating more opportunities for people to learn digital skills.

If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Course in Sri Lanka, here are some of the top options you have.

1. Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (By Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing)

This program, designed and developed by the Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing, is one of the longest-running programs in Sri Lanka.

This program has run for 18 batches in 5 years and has undergone four major curricular revisions. In addition, there are minor modifications to the program outline to keep up-to-date in the digital world, while there are significant upgrades to the program every two to three years.

This course is highly recommended for working professionals in marketing with at least two years of work experience as an upskilling program for digital. The price of this 8-months program stands at LKR 98,000/- as at September 2021.

2. Certificate in Digital Marketing (By Asia Pacific Institute of Digital Marketing)

This is a foundation level program aimed at school-leavers and university undergraduates to get a head-start for a career in digital marketing. This three months program will teach you the essential skills you need to start a career in digital marketing. For example, suppose you take the Certificate in Digital Marketing course with APIDM. In that case, you have a chance of getting an industry internship with some of the leading digital advertising agencies like Group M, eMarketing Eye, Loops and many more. The price of this 3-months program stands at LKR 45,000/- as at September 2021.

3. Various Courses Offered by Digital Marketing Institute Ireland

Digital Marketing Institute (DMI Ireland) is a Dublin based privately held education institute that offers good quality Digital Marketing courses. 

They have programs ranging from a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing to a self-accredited Master in Digital Marketing program.

DMI Ireland is a well-reputed Digital Marketing training provider worldwide, but they are not an accreditation body as portrayed by some of their re-selling partners in certain countries. The 30-HOURS self-paced Professional Diploma course is priced around LKR 270,000/- 

4. Diploma in Digital Marketing (By Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing)

DDM offered by SLIM is the second Digital Marketing course launched by the national institute for marketing in Sri Lanka.

These are the 'functioning' Digital Marketing courses available in Sri Lanka, while so many others appear on a simple Google search. 

When selecting the best course for you, you may have to consider the following factors.

  1. Course content and how up-to-date is the curricular
  2. How experienced is the trainer panel (remember, digital marketing is a hands-on skill. Not everyone can teach it if they don't have enough experience)
  3. Past student reviews. Always look for Google Reviews and Facebook reviews for the institute and the program.
  4. How applicable is the knowledge in your practice context? If you are working for a Sri Lankan company and don't have plans to migrate somewhere within the next two years; the claim "global qualification" doesn't mean anything. Be careful about such claims because there is no one global standard for digital marketing training anywhere in the world. 

I am sure this article help you discovering a good digital marketing course in Sri Lanka. If you know other courses I have missed in this article, you may add such courses in the comments section below.


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