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View Amitha Amarasinghe's profile on LinkedInAmitha Amarasinghe, Colombo - Sri Lanka.
B.Sc. Marketing Management (Sri J) | MBA (Sri J)

Amitha is a digital marketing professional based in Colombo, holding more than ten years of experience in Search Engine Marketing, eCommerce Management, and Social Media Marketing. He started his eMarketing career in 2004, by joining Roomsnet.com as an eCommerce executive. During his six years tenure at Roomsnet.com, Amitha gained first hand experience in various eMarketing disciplines, by working closely with partners such as IPT, TripAdvisor, MailPerformance, MSN AdCenter and Google AdWords.

He is a regular resource person at the e-Business Academy Sri Lanka; the pioneering  facilitating body of eMarketing education and training in the region. Along with the other resource persons at the EBA, Amitha conducted several successful eMarketing and Social Media workshops in Colombo, during past few years.

Since 2013, Amitha serves as a visiting lecturer for Digital Marketing at the Department of Marketing Management at the University of Sri Jayawardenepura. He played an active role in designing the course curricula and program outline for the subject Digital Marketing, which is the first time a local university, adapted the subject as a mandatory course for their students in a B.Sc Management degree program.

Amitha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, and obtained his MBA at the Postgraduate Institute of Management (PIM) of the same university.

Amitha currently works as the head of Neo@Ogilvy Sri Lanka, the pioneering digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka.

Contact Amitha through email: amitha[!AT!]Amisampath[!DOT!]com, or follow on Twitter @Amisampath.


 “Amitha is an analytical and strategic thinker who likes to share his ideas for greater good. One example is how he helped me to find a issue in on line payment gateway in the wake of an emergency flood situation in Sri Lanka. His notification lead not only to rectify the payment gateway, but he also proactively engaged in spreading the message through social media.
I am a very keen reader of his blog http://www.amisampath.com/, which speaks volumes of his attention to detail. He is a professional who walks the talk - engage and collaborate to build effective communication.
I am pretty impressed with his presentation skills, which is a rare commodity these days.” November 9, 2011"

Isura Silva, Manager, Sarvodaya-Fusion

“I've been to workshops facilitated by Amitha and was impressed by his knowledge and presentation skills. I felt he had vast knowledge on social media and marketing and that he knew how to relate to both in a business point of view as well as from the users point of view. Be not fooled by his soft spoken, demure mannerism he can be an engaging talker and a resourceful facilitator!” November 3, 2011

Nadeeja Abeyasekera, IT & New Media Manager, TVE Asia Pacific

“Amithas knowledge would benefit any company that he would potentially work with. He is a highly skilled person in the online arena. I would welcome working with him in the future.” November 30, 2009
Dan Hudson, Agency Sales manager, Mailtrack

“As an experienced senior member of the Commercial Division at Rooms Net, where the most critical business decisions are made related to marketing, Amitha stands as a main pillar. Coming up with new marketing strategies that are successful, Amitha uses his innovative ideas to take our website into new dimensions focusing on the new marketing trends of the business and leisure traveler.” August 28, 2008
Mohan Wickramasinghe, Network Engineer, Rooms Net

“Amitha is a hardworking and conscientious person; capable of carrying out a number of tasks concurrently with the ability to remain calm under pressure and with a positive outlook. Also a very concise and straight forward person when it comes to completing task.” July 2, 2008
Kathy Richards, Sales Executive Support / Account Manager, IPT Limited

“It is pleasure for any expert to work with professional like Amitha. He is a man of high value, expert in E-Commerce management, and a great person.” June 30, 2008
Javed Ahsan, Owner, Orbit Information Technologies (Private) Limited
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