Disclosures and Disclaimers

This is my personal blog, and this does not represent or funded by any organization or institution. I am an employee of Phoenix O&M (PVT) Limited, which is an advertising agency working with many client organizations and brands in Sri Lanka. I am attached to Neo@Ogilvy, which is the digital marketing arm of the same organization.

All opinions expressed on this blog are entirely personal and belong to me (and only me). Such opinions do not represent or reflect on anyone else. The opinions expressed on this blog DO NOT represent my employer organization, its other employees, its clients, or any of its global affiliations.

I will make a full disclosure at the end of each post if.....
1) I am writing about a company that is a client organization of my employer.
2) I have been invited by a company/brand or another party to do a review or blog about their services, products etc
3) I am writing about a company, and one or more of their competitors is a client of Neo@Ogilvy Sri Lanka.

This disclaimer is effective starting from 21st January 2012. Any posts I've written before that, may not necessarily reflect the disclosure policies above. 

Hope this is clear enough. If you have any doubts, you may contact me first, before you call your attorney at law ;-)
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