Want to contact me? Please read this to the end. 

Check out any upcoming event at which you can meet me or contact me through any of the methods listed below.
  • I’m on Twitter, follow me @Amisampath
  • My email address is amitha[-at-] this domain [-dot-] com. Decode this and drop me an email!
  • I’m on Facebook, but please kindly note, I do not accept friend requests from people I have not met in real life at least once or twice. Even if we’ve met, I might still prefer not to add you. No hard feelings please!Instead, you can "Like" this blog on Facebook.
  • And last but not least (as they always say at the end of a list), I’m on LinkedIn and Google+ as well. Add me or circle me!
On What Topics You Can Contact Me?

  • Just to say hi
  • Clarify about a post on this site
  • Ask my opinion about something
  • Invite me for an event
  • Write a review of your product/service (after consuming it)
  • Helping your thesis/research
  • Guest posts on your blog
  • Helping a presentation you are suppose to do somewhere.( With my verbal opinions, feedback, comments)
  • Fill a survey, may be!

On What Topics You CAN NOT Contact Me?

Please DO NOT contact me, if you are looking for any of the followings. I will not respond to any inquiries falling into these categories.
  • Asking for the soft copies of presentation slides from workshops/speaking engagements I've participated. I've spent five years to build the knowledge I put behind those slides, so don't try to take the easy route of copying it and using it in your presentations.
  • Asking for my consent, to use some of the slides from any of my presentations. (If they are open to use, I will share it on SlideShare. If not, don't ask me to share it with you)
  • Asking for sharing "documents" which are not suppose to be on public domain.
  • Asking me to write a paid/sponsored blog post, and not disclose that fact on the blog post. 
  • Asking me for 'link exchange'

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