Social Media Marketing in Sri Lanka – How to Get Onboard with Facebook & Twitter?

 You landed on this website, because you wanted to know about Social Media Marketing in Sri Lanka. I started this blog about 5 years ago, at a time when almost all marketing and advertising profs in Sri Lanka laughed at me when I passionately talked about how effectively we can use popular Social Network sites (at that time, Hi5 etc) as marketing communication tools. Many marketing experts in Sri Lanka used to say "Social Media is a passing fad". That was in 2007. Can a passing fad be a hot topic even after 5 years since then?

If you are hoping to adapt Social Media for your brand, my first advice is to do it right or to forget it outright. Ability to set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account does not define a Social Media marketing expert. In Sri Lanka, however we see a trend of misunderstanding Facebook + Twitter as the whole point of Social Media. I'm worried that, the same fate the web development industry faced in Sri Lanka will happen to Social Media Marketing as well.

That's why you have to be really careful when implementing a Social Media Marketing strategy. Make sure you have the correct people handling your social media efforts. Social Media is not free. It is not easy. It takes time to learn social media, and it takes even more time to yield results from social media.

Social Media Marketing in Sri Lanka

Social Media Marketing in Sri Lanka is gaining momentum every day. Not only some of the popular brands; but also we can see some artists, politicians, celebrities, photographers and even some religious organizations are trying to make their presence on social media tools like Facebook and other social media channels to carry out their marketing efforts. Among many other sources, Facebook remains the most popular Social Media Marketing tool for Sri Lankan businesses. Facebook advertising is more popular in Sri Lanka, than advertising on Google Adwords. However, I have met several Sri Lankans, who keep asking me “what is this all the buzz about Facebook marketing?”. In Sri Lanka, the internet penetration is very low and as a result some companies don’t see it as important to get a social media or Facebook marketing campaign going on. Meanwhile, the traditional consultants and advertising agencies in Sri Lanka are too, don’t know much about these latest trends in social media marketing and online media. Companies and businesses in Sri Lanka find it much difficult task to figure out how to do marketing on Facebook, or how to use the social media channels like Youtube, Twitter and other tools to promote their brands in Sri Lanka. We can see a clear gap of expert knowledge about these new social media marketing channels in Sri Lanka. This blog will focus on keeping you up to date with latest Social Media trends in Sri Lanka.

If you need further information about how to do Facebook advertising or Social Media marketing in Sri Lanka, you can contact me on for more details.

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I will keep updating this page, every time I write something new related to Social Media or Facebook marketing in Sri Lanka.
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